Things To Do In Mariposa


Beauty Salon / Parlour

Magnificence Parlor/Salon is simply the most ideal approach to look. the best ladies are wonderful in themselves however a little cosmetics helps a ton and it keep need to improve their opportunity or more joyful there are numerous Beauty Parlor/Salon in Agonda. The primary proposal will be the Looks Parlor and Maya’s Parlor. From the resort it is only a 10 minutes walk.


Horse Riding

It is a standout amongst other activities in Agonda. It is the most prevalent style of equine game Agonda shoreline is roughly around 1.5 km long drift. The explorers need to book the Horse Riding admirably ahead of time to appreciate it. The individual who direct you about Horse Riding is Mr. Harish Rajput they have specific planning openings for Horse Riding morning it begins from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. what’s more, again from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at night the value list for horse riding is as per the following 15 minutes 600 30 minutes 1000 a hour 800 Jungle riding for couples two and half hours 6000.



Kayak visit is perfect for the individuals who adore kayaking The Bay Agonda Resort offers visitor a scope of water exercises. Book a room and experience kayaking in stream and in addition in the ocean. One can lease Kayak at the resort of rupees 250 every hour go ahead Kayak visit with us and find the verdure of waterway Saleri and Arabian Sea it’s fun doing kayaking in backwaters as one can find numerous flying creatures kayaks are entered by the resort and additionally by alternate resorts of Agonda Beach.



In the event that you are foodie and need to attempt diverse eateries then Agonda is the place to come and attempt distinctive cooking styles. The entire Agonda shoreline is secured with various multi food eateries. Among the every single acclaimed eatery are Mahaveer’s Kitchen, Fathima Corner and The Blue Planet Cafe. Mahaveer’s kitchen is around 10 minutes walk separate from The Bay Agonda Resort. Fatima corner about a kilometer away and The Blue Planet Cafe is around 3 km far from the resort. The Blue Planet Cafe the for the most part serve the veggie lover nourishment.



It is a standout amongst other water wears in Agonda and the greater part of the voyagers love to do it. Surfing is the water brandish in which a rider or surfer rides on the forward or profound go head to head moving waves. One can purchase the surfing board from Agonda town or can lease it on our faces they typically charge you 300 rupees for each hour on the off chance that you are wanting to lease one.


Yoga Retreat

Yoga is a 5000 years of age Indian logic that joins practice breathing eating regimen unwinding and contemplation it is the blend of physical and mental teach. In which the body gets more grounded and sound year Sampoorna Yoga Retreat Center in Agonda which is one of the popular Yoga Retreat Center there are numerous Yoga Retreat Centers in around Agonda yet in the event that you are searching for a yoga occasion The Bay Agonda Resort is the best place to stay and Sampoorna Yoga Retreat Center different styles and progressing withdraws are offered amid the seasons Sampoorna Yoga Office Yoga Retreat and in addition Health and Wellness Holiday in Agonda.